Applying Strategic Niche Management to understand how universities contribute to the development of social innovation niches: the case of the Social Innovation Scientific Park in Colombia

Sara Calvo Martinez, Andrés Morales, Jefferson Enrique Arias Gómez


Little literature has looked at the role of universities providing services of relevance to society and specific stakeholders. This paper addresses this gap by examining how universities contribute in delivering social innovation in the Colombian context. In seeking to develop a good understanding of how universities can contribute to the development of social innovation niches, we draw upon the Strategic Niche Management (SNM) theory, suggesting that the creation of a niche management from the university can help social innovation niches to share values and networks. We explore this phenomenon with the Parque Científico de Innovación Social or PCIS), founded by Uniminuto University in 2012, using video case study research methodology. 

Palabras clave

social innovation, universities, Strategic Niche Management

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